Quilt Camp at The Stitchin' Post

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Introducing… SEW Cool Playdates!

Assemble a group of up to 6 children to come make magic with a sewing machine! Children will go home with new sewing machine skills as well as a completed project. All materials are included in workshop fee.  If the playdate is a BIRTHDAY PARTY, the time required will increase by 30 minutes and the group fee will increase by $12.50.  The family is responsible for bringing any refreshments, along with any plates, napkins, cups and cutlery. For each event, we ask that one parent remain in the shop for every two children present.  Parents may be asked to assist with simple tasks, such as helping children pin and cut fabric, helping children iron fabric, or helping children follow instructions.

Call, email or stop in to schedule your SEW Cool Playdate at The Stitchin’ Post!  Contact Erin at 540-462-2931, [email protected] or 117 S Main Street.

American Girl Doll Accessories

Create accessories for your 18" doll.  Options include making a newsboy cap, a lined messenger bag, a flannel nightgown or an apron.  The specific project must be determined in advance, and all participants will complete their own version of the same project.

Skills Learned                                  Details

Fusing                                              Ages 8 and up

1/4" seam sewing                             120 minutes (2 hrs)

Cutting fabric                                   $50 for the group, plus $5 materials fee per child

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Create a Tooth Fairy Pillow featuring your choice of fairy on the front and a pocket on the back to hold the tooth/money. Hang from the bedpost or the doorknob, or just cuddle up with it on the bed.

Skills Learned                                   Details

Fusing                                              Ages 5 and up

Appliqué with Blanket Stitch              90 minutes (1.5 hrs)

Hand stitching                                   $37.50 for the group, plus $5 materials fee per child

T-shirt Drawstring Backpack

Bring a favorite t-shirt and transform it into a lightweight, lined drawstring backpack, perfect for overnight trips, day hikes or trips to the pool.

Skills Learned                                   Details

¼” seams                                          Ages 8 and up

Creating drawstring channels           120 minutes (2 hrs)

Repurposing!                                    $50 for the group, plus $5 materials fee per child

Doll Quilt

Create a patchwork quilt that any doll would be honored to sleep under! The perfect size for American Girl dolls, this quilt can be used for any doll or stuffed animal, or even as a placemat.

Skills Learned                                   Details

¼” seams                                          Ages 8 and up

Fusing                                              180 minutes (3.5 hrs)

Straight line machine quilting            $87.50 for the group, plus $5 materials fee per child

Rag Doll

Create a one-of-a-kind rag doll using a fun assortment of fabric scraps. Personalize the face and the hair to make her or him distinctly your own!

Skills Learned                                   Details

¼” seams                                          Ages 8 and up

Hand embroidery                              180 minutes (3.5 hrs)

Embellishments                                 $87.50 for the group, plus $5 materials fee per child

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